Just ended my rebound relationship, was it the right thing to do?


So, I just ended this rebound relationship I was in recently, and I’m starting to wonder if it was the right thing to do.

Before I dated this guy,, I had only been single for about 2 weeks. I dated the previous guy for 4 months, and I had been physically intimate with him, and deeply in love as well. We’re stuck on the same Job Corps campus, so we see each other everyday, and the time after our breakup wasn’t exactly easy on me, because the first guy was also my date for the Job Corps prom.( I’m 20 just to let all of you know)

I started dating the second guy not even 2 weeks after my breakup, and I didn’t really realize until today that I was dating him on the rebound, and that I hadn’t taken enough time to get to know him,nor had I taken enough time to get over my first relationship. I had only known him for about a week before we started dating, and almost as soon as he found out I had a crush on him he asked me out. He also was moving a little fast for my liking, already talking marriage, getting me a ring, living together, staying the night at my house with me and my family, and buying each other phones, within 2 days of our relationship starting.

So I ended it with the second guy today, told him I wanted to get to know him better as a friend, that I needed some time to just focus on me, and that I still need time to get over my previous break-up. He took it fine, but said he was emotionally devastated, and thought I was only leaving him to date my ex. We only dated 6 days

I didn’t want to hurt him, i’m just not exactly ready to be dating right now.

I still like him, but I also still love my ex.
Did I do the right thing in ending my rebound, so I could get to know him better,and so I could get over my ex?

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2 Answers

You did the right thing and I applaud you so much. Many people in that situation would've used the rebound guy since he seems to be very sweet and could be easily taken advantage of since he's so open and genuine. Give yourself time to properly know him. I can see that once you really get to know him and ever decide to get into a relationship with him that he would be pretty great. You're such a great person and don't feel bad for using him as a rebound. It could've went on for months even years which is worse. Update me on everything and feel free to message me. Good luck :)
Youre not over your ex, so you made the right call girl. Some need to time alone to get someoe, while others need to start dating other people, its different from person to person. But as for the rebound, it sounds like hes clingy and hes pushing for a relationship. In other words, hes either going to be a pushover in the relationship or controlling if yall end up together. Take some time off and enjoy the single life for a bit. The single life isnt bad. Its good to refelect on yourself every now and then.