Just can’t forgive


I am having a really hard time with anger I met my ex in 8th grade wew are
are now 26 we have three children together and he cheated and had two other children that
live with me now after dealing with him cheating with other women I feel nothing in me
but hate for him for everything he did to me and i can’t list it all are it would take all night
i accepted the fact that I can’t be with him and moved on how can
I see him and not be anger?

Category: asked January 19, 2014

2 Answers

You have every right to be angry. It is completely understandable. You don't have to stop being angry at him. What you have to do though, is try to move on, for your children. Try to keep your anger to yourself, or at least between you and a close friend whom you can confide in. Your children don't need to see you constantly in battle mode with your ex. Try to be the bigger person and act civil towards your ex even if you cannot stand them. Good luck to you!
You are amazing. You not only take resposibility for your own children but you take care of his. Tell him that youre always going to be mad of him, but for your own sake youre not going to handle the stress of doing that. You will be angry when you see him, but when you do see him think of how your being angry will affect your children. You are an insperation to me, for powering threw this. Stay strong c: