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So im a senior at cal state northridge and its time to recruit. I went to a recruiting event last night and I feel like it was pointless..ive been on 3 or 4 interviews and I havent gotten any internships.
I feel so stressed out, especially since a half of the accounting class had internships or some sort of accting experience.
Now im here, not very involved in extracurricular activities and I feel like I wont get any offers.

I get nervous when I interview and I always kick myself for not doing better.


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Get involved in extracurricular activities .
I think one of the worst things you can do is compare yourself and your progress to others. Everyone is different and it's okay if you don't end up getting any internships right away. Some people find a job right away while for others it takes them a long time. Hell, I was looking for just a regular job for nine months before I ended up getting a job this past month. It might just take a bit of interviewing for you to get one is all! But I would try to just look out for any opportunities to get interviewed as you can, and just try your best, try not to sweat about it. You'll get one soon!
Listen, interviews are basically an acquired skill. Look up interview techniques on the internet, and find out what HR people are looking for when they ask you that stuff. You can then learn to modulate your answers so that they're both true, and close to what they wanna hear. A job interview is largely artificial in the end, it's part of a flawed system, but you can always find cracks in it, through which the light gets though. Best of luck!