Jelousy and fear


Long story short. I had a best friend, and we are both friends with this guy. I asked this guy to prom as a friend. Me and my Friemd are no longer friends(nor because of this). Now over a year later she’s going out with this guy. I feel so many mixed emotions. Jealous because it seems like everyone I know has someone and I dont. Also my family is closer it his family and his brother and my brother are friends. Nervous because I’m worried she,ll tell him something that’ll make his family hate me, and I’m worried about my family finding out. (I haven’t told them about my friend not being friends anymore). I’m also jealous because I want my friend back and I just don’t know how to cope with all these emotions.

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2 Answers

The question here is why you and your friend are no longer friends? maybe once you realize what made you both split up, you will find the way to reach her out again.
first of all, you shouldnt be afraid, if you havent done anything wrong. Secondly the problem lies with your friend. Youll have to talk to her and sort things out. It will be awkward and hard, but it needs to be done. if you broke up with your friend on bad terms, i suggest you make amends. There is no need for you to be jealous. You will find someone. Probably better. Dont be afraid, nothng will go wrong