It’s too late to fix myself


I had to move to a new city – where I know no one – to a new school. It was sprung on me last summer and I immediately knew I didn’t want to go, but when we got there I made a genuine effort to be positive about it all. But as I can’t talk to people it soon became more and more clear that I was all by myself and I had no one to talk to. And the friends I do have in my old city are an expensive coach trip away.

I usually make an effort in my school work because I want to get good grades so that I know I can rely on getting a spot in a university in London. I love the vibe there and it’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to live. But I started sixthform last September and I just can’t focus on my work because I feel too sad all the time, and when I try to do a homework essay question I have no energy and do it wrong. Most of the time I can’t get the work out of my bag because even that drains me. The school targeted me at As and I know I can’t get that. I’ve barely revised anything. I haven’t done any past papers. I want as many As as possible but if this carries on I’m going to get Cs. Then next year I’ll have to resit modules, or even just resit the whole year, which would be really embarrassing but I don’t know what else to do because I can’t get into Uni with Cs.

So far this whole school year I’ve dragged myself along – with LOADS of days off – with no friends, no one to talk to, and it’s the saddest I’ve ever felt. People say ‘you just need to talk to someone in your class’ but that won’t work. I couldn’t do it before and I can’t do it now because they all know I’m the person who talks to no one.

There are about 7 weeks of school left until my exams and I can’t do it. I won’t get good grades and that’ll delay London, and my family will be annoyed because they’ve embarrassingly labelled me as a hard worker. I feel like it’s too late and that I’ve ruined everything.

Anything of help or something to motivate/inspire me would be really nice. thanks

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First, let me admire you for setting such a wonderful goal of going to that university, it shows ambition and speaks for you character =). You don't have to be the person that talks to no one. I know I just made that sound like it a walk in the park, but if you do not try you will never know. If you really need someone to talk to, feel free to msg me - I make a wonderful emotion dumping ground. I would gladly lend you an ear.Expectations can be hard to live up, especially if you start to feel that the person that you are expected to be isn't you. Just be you, try your best, try not to think of your homework as a drain - its just another step you are taking in the direction that you want to go. Ever paper you do you are proclaiming that you have a goal and you are moving towards it, that is a beautiful thing. I hope at least one bit of what I said helps, I wish you the best of luck.Thank you for your time. - A Friend
I was the person who talked to no one before and I know it wasnt good for me. I ate lunch alone for years in school. But I found someone who was nice enough to talk to me first and didnt care about who I was to others because I know sometimes that some of the people ive talked to are embarrassed to be seen with me. I think you will find a friend. if they dont make an effort to know you better then try to talk to them and be yourself. You might be scared that they wouldnt like you but you cant please everyone and im sire there will be people out there who would be willing to be your friend. Just keep staying positive. Try not to be drained of your homework, you have to complete your goal. It migh take long and it might be hard to get high grades again after the Cs but you wont regret it in the future.
Why on earth would you not be able to get into university with C's? You do not have to be perfect. How much time left do you have exactly before you are done with this and can move on to university anyway? If it is not much time...I could not tell by your message if you meant the time of your school years or of just one semester many years or months left before you could move on to University? Also, have you considered clepping out of school, testing & getting the degree requirement that way and just moving on to University now? [If it's a concern of what your family would say about your doing that just tell the truth...that you can't take it any longer.] --You have great intelligence and desire and goals...I Am Proud Of You!! --You may just be in too small a town to find people like yourself (I personally know what that's's awful!!) I am sorry if that is the case... it hurts, believe me I know... but at least you WILL have a TIME that you will GET OUT!! But if it is pushing you into actual depression, you just can't let that happen and must do something about it. You might try natural antidepressants such as bee-pollen and l-arginine... but you may need a doctor to prescribe an antidepressant & anti-anxiety med for the time being... trust your gut feeling on how bad it does or does not feel. For motivation, at night, listen to: ---STAGE ONE: "HEALING SERIES" GAINING CONTROL, CONQUERING FEAR-- MASTER TECHNIQUES! SUZANNA ---DON'T GIVE UP! YOU ARE DOING FINE! NOT MUCH LONGER! Hugs, I Believe In You, ~Suzanna