itchy scalp for almost 10 years? help pls


K so when i was six i began to have itchy scalp and tremendous hair loss. i had A LOT of hair and almost all of it was gone. my mom suspected that it was from the hairdresser or b/c i had started going to public school. but i was taken to a pediatrician and she told me that it couldn’t be dandruff because ppl that young don’t get dandruff. we tried using head and shoulders, selsun blue, keracare and other dermatologists gave me prescription after prescription and nothing worked whether it be a pill or a shampoo it didn’t work the dry itchy scalp always returned. now i’m fifteen and i have natural hair and it hasn’t improved I’ve been using Dr. miracle, Trinidadian blue soap, coconut oil and castor oil. the castor oil makes my hair thicker and the biotin I’ve been taking makes it grow as well but the itchy scalp is still there. most recently i used shea moisture african black soap cleansing shampoo because ppl with stories a little similar to mine said that it worked for them but i used it and for the first two days( i usually wash it weekly, i used to wash it twice a week no difference) it didnt itch which is more than usual but after that it began to itch like crazy. this is the last straw can someone pls offer advice someone with knowledge on natural hair maybe? or anyone that maybe has the same experience? i just need help :(

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I've been suffering from dandruff myself when i was a kid till adolescence. head and shoulders didn't work for me too. well maybe it did for a few days but then dandruff and itchiness came back..using conditioners worsens it. You can try natural remedies, usually lemon is used for the scalp.. ever since Clear shampoo was available in our market i tried it and it really worked for me. when super itchy i use men's clear shampoo since i think it's quite strong. but for usual days i use women's or the menthol one. sometimes when im out of stock i alternate with other brands but whenever the itchiness came back i go back to clear shampoo^.^
So, my knowledge on hair loss is really minuscule, I don't know a huge amount about it, but I do know habits and how they can creep up when you least expect it, especially when you sleep.
Now, I don't know if anyone has done this yet, but it might be worth investing in a camera to record yourself sleeping for a week or two, the reason I bring this up is that some people grind their teeth when they sleep and have really shortened teeth as they grow up and they have no idea why until they get checked out at a dentist and they check jaw natural movements against the teeth. So going back to the point - it's possible you unknowingly pull your own hair out/scratch your head when you sleep. It doesn't cost much to invest in a camera and isn't hard to set it up, it doesn't have to be anything expensive, nor online (make sure it's secure if it is online, don't use default passwords and make sure the firmware is updated).

Fingers crossed you find out the cause of it.
Sending you strength