it shouldn’t be like this.


i have a group of friends that i have been friends with since year 8 and for all of year 8 it was perfect, i was in the ‘ friendship’ circle, i knew everyone and they all knew me and we didn’t fight very much at all, we were literally a perfect group and all got along really really well. this started about year 9 when they started leaving me out of things, most of the stuff they liked and talked about didn’t include me or they knew i didn’t like it, they started to judge me when ever i had an opinion on anything or if i talked, i became very unimportant, i even have frequent fight with my best friend about certain things that she knew was hurting me, i have tried to tell them how i fell and have tried to leave the group, its been 2 years now since they have changed and i just feel so unwanted, like they don’t care.. they constantly like to put me down and if i leave they follow me, they wont leave me alone. they claim to like me and blah blah blah but they constantly hit me and put me down.i cry a lot because of this and when i tell my best friend she just pushes it away.. i and starting to really really dislike them, it shouldn’t be like this.

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I had the same issues in 10th grade. They are taking advantage of you. I was an extreme push over I took what ever they handed out with a smile and it got me no where I didnt realize how bad of friends they were until i was 19. You need to get out of that situation. tell them you no longer want to be friends or start avoiding them at all costs they will get the hint. I promise you though the longer you stay in that situation the worse it will get!
I always think of friendship like a tree. And when one branch becomes sick or diseased, you must cut it off for the good of the rest of the tree.

So, if you have one friend or a whole group of friends who are not treating you right. You may have to cut them free. Let go. Of course, I recommend communication first, but it sounds like you have tried that already.

Finally, realize that there is an entire world out there full of good people who are ready and willing to be friends with you. You just need to make the effort to find them.

I really hope that things work out between you and your friends, but if not, I hope that the new friends you find treat you as you deserve to be treated.

Hope this helps! Take care!
when your growing up people drift apart and become different people. by the time you graduate school you wont really be friends with any of the people that went to your school no matter how close you were to them at one point. it all happenes for a reason and its not a bad thing. it becomes a bad thing however, when you try and heal a friendship that is already over. if they act like they dont need you, then dont need them. its that simple. sorry its the hard truth and most likely not what you want to hear but i've been here before myself and I had to learn this lesson all on my own. so hopefully this helps!
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