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It feels awkward now


Hey guys! So first of all, I’d just like to make it clear that I’m bisexual. I like men and women. No one but my family knows that and they’re fully accepting of it. No one outside of my family YET. I say yet because I feel as though every time I crush on the same gender (a girl) it becomes a bit awkward for us to talk, or at least it feels awkward to me especially if I’m close with that person. Now, I’m struggling with the same situation. I have a crush on a classmate of mine and I don’t think she shares the same interest in girls as me and I totally understand that, but it still feels awkward to avoid these strange feelings when I’m around her. The more I spend time with her, the more it will be obvious that I’m trying to hide something. I can’t just tell everyone I’m Bi yet, YET, because I’m not ready and I only found out I was bi about a few months ago, so I’m still trying to process. Please give me some suggestion on what I should do especially on my crush problem. I really appreciate that you’ve read this far. Thanks!

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You don't have to come out to everyone at once. You also don't have to come out, period. But if your crush is really straining your friendship, I suggest coming out to one or two close friends of yours, and swear them to secrecy (if you so choose). That way, you can build a support network for issues concerning your sexuality. Then I would suggest that you come clean to your crush.
If your family accepts it, awesome. If other people don't,screw them. You do you ok? Cause that's the only thing that will make you fully happy, being 100% yourself. And if you like a girl you shouldn't feel awkward. How do you know if she isn't a lesbian or bi too? She might be right? Why not ask her what she feels about different sexualities? And even if she's rude about it, you know she's not a person you want to be with. I hope I could help :)