Issues relating to people?


Hi. I have been in and out of therapy for ages and nothing has really helped. I’ve gone off my meds for a year now and feel really great. I’m stabile, holding down a job and doing really well with relationships and friendships.

I am a bit worried because since I was little, like very little my emotional state has been unusual. I have empathy in that I can read people very well and understand upset or happiness but I have issues physically expressing appropriate emotional responses — this is to say, smiling or frowning is a chore because it doesn’t come naturally.

I talk in a bit of a monotone too, always have but I mean I joke around, I try to verbalize concern and do all the parts of what make normal discussions and conversations — normal.

I have had many jobs where i must do customer service and am a good actor from acting when I was younger, so putting on a friendly tone or seeming friendly in person isn’t hard — but it’s still not natural to me.

I am not a danger to myself or others, I’m not violent, but I am curious about what this is. therapy nor meds are options because I cannot afford it right now. Any insight to potential diagnoses or how this works would be great.

I know I am not in the therapy section but I am not sure what pricing to expect and this is free.


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you'd be surprised how many people out there only pretend that they can relate to others. :) there's nothing wrong with you unless it's a serious bother. try googling symptomes common for disorders of the autistic spectrum, could be one of those if you're curious, maybe you have a mild disorder of sorts. it doesn't really limit you seriously in any way. we're all puzzles consisting of a number of pieces, and we're all unique. you don't HAVE to be someone but yourself.