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I never discriminated or differentiated anyone on any basis and i have seen racism enough but today i saw mean people over religion. I was in a group chat on kik, i m in 3-4 chats and today they started talking about prayers and all i said was that ‘being muslim doesnt mean you have to pray, its your choice afterall’ and they went all ‘wtf..stfu..stupid..etc’ abuses and insults and kicked me out of the group like I insulted there allah or something. I understand that they are religious people that doesnt means that you will not become open minded and become a bit sane. No offense to any muslim here infact my first crush was on a muslim lol, i love muslim and every religion but really some people really dont know what image they create of themselves in front of others. The groups were #iloveyew and #foreveraloners and the admin named fofo is just so mean. I dont why i m even writing all this but i m very annoyed and i want to do something and teach them a lesson but i dont know how to calm down i mean really i had enough of racism or other descrimination. How should i calm myself down?

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I think you're definition of Islam is spot on since to be considered one you'd have to basically acknowledge god and his prophets, prayer is necessary but by definition i think that you were right, also i do think they overreacted but that's just because they have a lot of passion for something they don't fully understand , and can express their passion in a way that can seem offensive/provocative. Unfortunatley it's these types of individuals who give the religion a bad name, since people tend to judge doctrines by their practitioners , not by the actual content , even if the content was misinterpreted. But that's normal lol and i think it'll never change actually, it'll always be this way, just smile and move on.
Some people are just more sensitive and more involved with their religion no matter what kind it is. they need to learn to be more open-minded, any religion that does such a thing. Don't let that bother you.
I agree with Das Omen all the way. But i would just like to add that, the 5 Times Prayers ARE indeed obligatory.
But i get what you meant when you said what you said. Cos it's true that even though it's obligatory, not everyone does it.
So yes we "have to". But it's our "choice" if we do or don't ((even though it's obligatory)) and meet the consequences.
So the sentence structure of yours was wrong and it sang a whole different tune that it x isn't x obligatory but a choice
and they (over)reacted to that. So ya. Had to clear that
From the opposite side of the religious fence, it is more than a little pointless for human beings to argue with one another from the basis of religion; there is no "true" religion, and all religions make ultimate claims that are contrary to the claims of others.

The common atheist aphorism is as follows: "It is not possible for all religions to be right, but it is absolutely possible for all religions to be wrong."

That being said, it is still not right for people to discriminate on the basis of religion. It is the act of stifling discussion that propagates the unrest and continues the cycle of misunderstanding and aggressive conflict.
Maybe my wording was a little confusing but fasting is also obligatory in islam, so is obeying your parents and giving alms to the poor (zaka) , but what i meant was that a muslim is defined as a person who has submitted his will to allah and his messengers , everything else is optional and might be obligatory, in fact there are only two sins which allah has said he does not forgive, the first is believing in a god other than himself and the second is killing a man. Notice how prayer isn't mentioned, meaning you can stilll go to paradise if allah wants that and you didnt pray, of course it's also said in islam that without prayer you can pretty much forget about paradise but there's still that chance of allah's mercy, whereas in these two unforgivable sins you have pretty much bought a seat in hell , provided you didnt repent before you die. This is all written and documented in islamic doctrine, specifically the sunni interpretations, you can look it up if you wish to.
Thanks guys i read all your answers and dont worry i m not angry anymore and i was only a bit angry on those particular people not with religion etc, I m not very religious though my whole family is so I can understand the passion thing but still I know that my family will talk and try to explain things related religion to others rather then abusing them like they insulted when actually they havent. Thanks again for all your replies I m better now :)
Anytime that you say something to any group of people who have a supernatural belief that there is a sky master who makes shit then you can't expect logic and reason. Hell once you found out that you were in a group discussion on that topic, you should have bailed anyway.
Lol that's actually funny
Religion is much more than a sky master who makes shit AnnieH, it's also about spirituality, growth, thoughtfulness, and also, for that sky master, there's so many different interpretations onto what exactly is the sky master, iand what the process of creation is all about. Great minds in history and civilzations were built upon spiritual concepts and in almost every ancient civilization a religious tradition was observed. So im not sure if you can't expect "logic " and "reason" from a discussion with people who have faith, since modern civilization and modern science actually traces it's roots to the schools of mysticism and spirituality. But i dont want to turn this into a debate about god so that's the last i'll post about this question.
A lot of super religious people don't like people who tend to differ in mindset only because they feel like there is a set way to do everything and there isn't. Now I am a Christian but I am not religious at all because religion goes against everything I believe in as a Christ like follower. So I understand why you are frustrated with this situation but there isn't much you can do because especially when it comes religion because people have been taught and raised to believe certain things. This is one of those things you just have to let go of but pray for those people that their eyes will be opened.