is transgender a real thing?


Obviously transgender is a real gender identity, I am trans myself. I want to know your opinions on gender identity disorders and people who identify as trans*. Do you think that they actually have something going on in their heads? Or do you think that their “boyish” or “girly” actions are based on experiences in their early childhood? Feel free to be honest about what you think, I want to hear everyone’s opinions.

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Yes, trans people are real and exist, and it is not a mental disorder, strange, nor are trans people necessarily gay. Genders actually are hardwired into the brains of trans people so that they identify with their genders. For example, a trans woman will have the same brain development and psychological thought patterns as a cisgender woman, while someone who is androgynous (the gender identity, not the expression) will mirror that of both genders. For someone who is gender-fluid, it changes.

Gender identities are social and cultural (and therefore mental), with the one or ones we identify with ingraining themselves into our behaviour and our psychological development. Many different cultures around the world have more genders than the traditional western gender binary.

This is also why it is irrational to consider gender to be the same as biological sex--sex is a physical characteristic, while gender is mental. Your genitals do not decide your gender--your brain does. Also, sexual orientation and gender identity are not shown to have any correlation beyond both tending to be an oppressed minority. While there is a correlation between mental health and members of the MOGAI (or Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, and Intersex) community, the connection is through a lack of support from family members and friends, low self-esteem, and harassment due to openly identifying as MOGAI, rather than mental illness causing a person to be trans.

In short, trans people exist and should not be invalidated because, besides being simply unkind, it is also highly illogical. Hope this helps.
I think transgender is a real gender identity. Someone wouldn't go through a process if they didnt believe they were not born in the body they feel they should have. I think who ever is willing to go through what it takes to love themselves then all kudos to them. People that are transgender has to go through so much more then I ever have too and when someone love them self then good things can only start to happen
Yes it is real, sometimes nature doesn't get it right and the wrong combination of genes picks the wrong sex for the mind.
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It's real...what are we living in the fucking dark ages? In your mind, your sexuality is on a spectrum, you can also have a duality where you are super conservative Christian senator.....but all that sexual repression and unaddressed sexual issues that just laid dormant and festered for a decade....and before you know it, this guy is fucking guys in hotel rooms left and right...all while passing anti-homosexual legislation in his state....

....all because instead of accepting himself, he hates himself because God hates what he was born as, what God made him as. So he get married, had kids, etc. Then he gets caught, scandal! and his whole life and career are over....this happens on a damn near regular basis these days.

That's just an example of suppression. But you as a male or female can be on the sexuality spectrum and express and super masculine all the way to a fairy level of femininity, but you could still be straight. Think of the fem/masc as a slider from left to right. Now look at it in 3d BITCHES! *watches Billy Bob's head explode*

You move left to right for say...left is fem and right is masc. But then you gooo left and a man, down is fem, so fem fem and you realize you transsexual. The diagram I have in my head is so much more complicated, but this works for now. So you might be a guy that is far left and your like Edward from Twilight...a total fucking fairy, BUT super straight and into that human puntang.

So you should look at where you fall on the scale of acting feminine (left) or masculine (right) or reverse if that's more comfortable, just draw the diagram. It's 3d but the vers I simplified fits on 2d paper. So you select where your at left---right, then move up---down up being masc and down being fem. It's a lil obvious with the whole gay thing of tops and it's kinda natural to put it the same way on the graph, at least it makes it easier for me to thing of.

So yeah I don't know shit about all that, but I can try as best I know to put myself into that person and see things from their perspective....with their highly specific perception on how they themselves and only they interpret reality...and how that is closely shared with those that share those same qualities of thought and components of their own identities that bring forth these sub cultures, groups, or whatever you want to call them.

I just call them people on their own fucking journey and try to be as little a cunt as possible when interacting with them or anyone else while giving as much respect and courtesy as always. Whelp...fuck me, I'm drunk. I hope something in this retarded ramble was useful, divinely channeled psychobabble...whatever you want to call it. PM me with any specific questions about...fuck what ever. I like helping you bastards. :P
It's a real thing, but it's also a fad, unfortunately. More recently, people have been identifying as trans for attention, as normies tend to do.
Transgender is a real thing as any, I know why you ask it, I m straight but sometimes I do wonder how transgender or homosexuality is possible but not that there is a problem with them, if you are a transgender you should not worry about anything you are as normal as anyone else though I will advice you to first somehow make sure cause sometimes people gets a bit confused with things and thinks of the obvious reasons I think you know what I mean.