Is this verbal abuse?


My dad constantly tells me that I am too negative and that there is something wrong with me if so many people annoy me. He just constantly tells me that I need to change my attitude. He yells at me constantly if I ever say anything that’s negative.

For example) I said I didn’t want to play on this one soccer team (x). I said I wanted to play on the other one instead (y). He started yelling at me and telling me that the only reason i didn’t want to play on x team was because I thought i was better than the rest of the girls on the team. Which I have never ever said that ever.

I just want to know if thats verbal abuse or not? He will always tells me the next day that he does it because he loves me but, it really just makes me feel worse about myself

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1 Answer

Your dad doesn't seem to know how to talk to you at all. Your example didn't seem necessarily verbal abuse, but he does sound pretty upsetting and manipulative. You definitely should talk to him and anyone else in your family and try to communicate better.