Is this still an eating disorder?


I can’t eat as much as I should. I didn’t really try to, but I slowly started eating smaller amounts of food, and now if I take more than a few bites, I feel full or nauseous. I just don’t want to eat sometimes. I can go all day without eating and not be hungry. I’m losing weight and I don’t really have any weight to lose. I want to be skinnier, but I’ll get sick. I don’t want to be sick, I want to be skinnier. I’m scared I’ll stop eating all together.

Category: asked August 17, 2014

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hi, Adeline. reading from your question, I don't think it's an eating disorder...yet. It could be, but it's not really an eating disorder. I faced a same problem as you, in which I didn't really feel like eating the whole day because I felt full. I'd only eat a little amount and I'd always skip my dinner (I only ate lunch). that was unhealthy, and in my opinion, I think it's because I (we) trained myself to eat littler and littler by day so I didn't really feel like eating anymore. however, this could lead to eating disorder (I think so). we'd think we're full and not hungry, and that (perhaps) could lead ourselves to be anorexic and so on. that was why I started eating again (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but healthily so I won't have to worry about gaining weight. And I do sports, too. I think it's the best way to help you before you get worse and stop eating altogether. I hope this helps x
its not an eating disorder.
While I don't think it's an eating disorder, it sounds like it's on its way to becoming one and you need to make some changes in your diet to stop that from happening.The mistake that you are making right now is aiming for skinny. That's how so many eating disorders start. People want to be skinny and they do whatever they can to obtain that goal. What you need to do is aim for healthy. Skinny is a dangerous goal.I would definitely suggest you make a meal plan and stick to it. Even when you're not hungry. You don't want your body to get used to not eating. So when you eat, always try to take a few more bites then you did the last time. This needs to be a gradual change and not a sudden one.Also, make sure you talk to a doctor. A doctor can tell you if it would be a good idea for you to lose weight and can also help you figure out how the best way for you to get back on a regular diet. Definitely listen to the doctor.It's good that you are catching this now before it becomes an eating disorder, and it's important that you take the right steps to prevent it from becoming one.
No, this isn't an eating disorder. An eating disorder is when you're willing to do anything to lose those last five pounds... And the next five... And the next. A good bit of it is about thinking, which can exist before and after the eating disorder itself. If you're genuinely not hungry, and you don't necessarily want to keep from eating, then it's not an eating disorder. If you and a person with anorexia sat down to the same meal and ate the same amount, only a couple of bites, where you would say, "Oh, I'm so full," the anorexic could very well say, "I'm starving, feel that hunger clawing at my stomach, feels so good! Tomorrow I'll eat even less!" or "Oh, I'm so stupid! I knew I shouldn't have eaten so much, I'm so bloated! That's all going straight to my thighs. It's back up to the bathroom for me, quick purge and then another hour of exercise. Gotta burn those calories up."
I think this may be a blockage in your intestinal tract. Are you constipated, sick or stressed, also? I would suggest going to the doctor immediately, and especially getting blood work done as well. This could be very serious, especially if you're losing a lot of weight. If you don't act soon, there could be complications.