Is this rude?


If I was going to SixFlags with a group of friends and a few of my friends have a season pass that allows them to get a friend in free. Is it rude of me to ask one of my friends if I can be her plus 1?

Category: Tags: asked August 11, 2014

5 Answers

Just say something along the lines of.. "Hey! So I was wondering, if you didn't have anyone else going to Six Flags with you if you wouldn't mind if I went?" I'm sure they'd give you a straight up answer.
No, not really. If you go about it the right way, it's not rude. Unless they already invited someone, it's not rude at all. Just be nice and polite about it.
thank you. what would be a polite way to phrase that?
i agree with fuzzy blankets c:
The important thing here is to ask politely. You should always ask like: 'May i come with you to SixFlags?'don't ask stuff that implements guilt like: 'It would make me so happy if...' 'I would be sad if you didn't....'OR THE WORST OF THEM ALL 'Why am i not invited? and 'how come you invite her but not me'