Is this legal?


Hey thanks for taking the time to read this. So today at work I found out that on Friday when I left my computer on that someone went through my personal instant messages with another coworker on my computer and printed them off. They then took the print out of our conversation and handed it out to everyone else who works in the office. The messages did have some stuff about other co workers but for the most part it was a private conversation about social aspects of our lives. (You know like what friends would talk about when they need advice) SO basically this happened while I was gone friday and when I came into work today, they fired me and the other coworker on the spot. Are they legally allowed to do this? I live in Canada by the way… Please help I am at such a loss for what to do

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Hey, I just want to say, Im so sorry and I live in canada as well. I don't quite know if it's illegal but I do know it's quite not right at all, it is invasion of personal space and information which I believe should be illegal but Im not quite sure. Sorry was all the help I could do, good luck
This is a bit of a tricky question. They definitely don't have the right to go through your personal things. However, if it's a computer from your work, then it's their property. They are allowed to check what you do on their computer, to see if you do your work and if you don't do anything out of the ordinary. Though, this still doesn't make up for the fact that they went through your personal messages. They must have felt quite insulted by the things you must have said. If you use a computer somewhere that isn't yours, it's always advised to make sure you clear your history and all that jazz, just to make sure there's nothing left to trace.