Is this common here?


Hey, So I’ve just joined this site not too long ago, and I’ve already received several hate messages, been called awful names and been asked for sexual favors. And I was just wondering, is this common here? Cause I’m really shocked I did not expect this kinda thing to happen to me here. :/

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I have never had that experience, and I am really sorry you have. Report those people asap, because they're not welcome here. This is a site that promotes healing and friendship, not abuse and hate.
I'm honestly disgusted to hear that, and at the same time it doesn't surprise me as much as it once did. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. While this site is great in many ways, there are still some major trolls running around and attacking people. I hope you reported them.

And also, whatever anyone says, ignore them. They have no right to judge you, and you shouldn't let comments from ignorant people who simply wants to get a rise out of people affect you. You are better than that.
Νo i dont think this i common in here.I joined 3 weeks back and everything was great but today i got weird behaviors too.Many of them.Not like hate but people asking if i was a male or female from start and disconnecting when they hear i was a male.I dont know what happened today but i hope it wont last long.Dont listen to anyone who is being bad and stay postive,hope i helped :)
Hello Belqis, I'm Sorry to hear that has been occurring. If you have been receiving these messages in mass I don't think that is normal at all. I mean, I've been here myself, and I can say that I have not received any messages to the extent that you are. Again, I apologize. Not only for the messages that you are receiving, but for My response right now. I feel so terrible that you have to endure that, and if it were me I would be saddened, and even furious.
Blahtherapy, is not meant to host malice, and I'm sure that you know that. Nonetheless, If you haven't done anything yet, I think you should report these people. Especially, If you've told these individuals to stop and they haven't. That would go along the lines of Harassment, as they would be made aware by your warnings that what they are doing bothers you.So, If no one has listened to you, I'd definitely report them.
Also, in your settings you can limit the people who can message you. There's a Message privacy setting, which will allow you to go from public, to only friends, and from there customize. Customize allows only people that you have entered in that list to message you. Additionally, You could block these individuals if they are becoming too cumbersome.
But, I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that. I don't think well-intended or vulnerable people deserve that kind of stuff. I only hope, that with the decision you make that things will fare well for you.
Thanks Riss, Pumbaa and Noir, I'm glad that it isn't common cause it's not why I'm here for. I think the reason why I got the messages is cause of my religious belief and the fact that I'm wearing a headscarf in my profile picture I'm not sure but one of them did kind of mocked my religion and called me a name, just a random person that I've never actually had a conversation with. Well, it's alright I guess and thanks for helping :)
Hey Madeleine, thank you so much :) It isn't bothering me that much cause it's just behind a screen. But it did kinda hurt cause I didn't expect it at all, but It's okay. already flagged and reported them. thanks again :)
every site has trolls. ignore them. block them. report them