Is this a symptom of anxiety?


I’m an eleven year old girl with anxiety and depression . Lately I have been experiencing short periods of times where I am really dizzy and half of my eyesight is white (basically means I can’t see probably ). I do suffer from anxiety ( really horrible stress , anxiousness , trouble breathing , rapid breathing , being cold but sweating .)

Can anyone tell me If dizziness is a symptom of anxiety or depression ?


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Usually when people talk about being dizzy, the first thing that jumps in my mind is, are you eating enough? Dizziness is often a symptom from not eating enough. It could also be something else, but that's what I'm wondering. I have depression and anxiety, but I only had what you describe when I didn't ate enough.
In my honest opinion, It would be best to see a doctor and rule out anything major. The symptoms you said could be something entirely different from that. Also, you may not be eating/drinking enough food or water.
Hello, I'm Kenzi. I do suffer from anxiety and I can tell you that dizziness is a side effect of panic attacks. If you are feeling these sensations during a panic attack, this is completely normal and you shouldn't worry. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about medication, or if you are already on medication, talk to her about some of the things you are feeling. This could be a side effect of many things, not only stress and depression. Lack of appetite, sleep deprivation, dehydration, malnutrition, and many other things can cause these symptoms. If these symptoms don't change after treatment from your doctor, I would start looking into how healthy your lifestyle is. Here are some links that might help you: http://www.anxietybc.com hope I helped :) ~Kenzi
It can be, but you really need to go see your doctor about it. An ordinary blood test would rule out most other things that could also be the cause of this. You could for example have elevated blood sugar and that is a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately (with medication).