Is this a big deal?


I just want to start off by saying that I’m underage, which makes me more nervous about the topic I’m about to talk about and the questions I’m going to ask.

So here’s a little back-story before the questions:

About 2 months ago, my hormones kinda went crazy..If you know what I’m saying..And like that whole week I was on this site Omegle, talking dirty to strangers on TEXT ONLY. I never did webcam, and never sent pictures on kik or anything. I only used Kik for like one guy but I never sent him pics or anything.
Also, everytime I entered a new chat I would say I’m 16 from USA or something, I ALWAYS lied about my age and location for my own safety!


So yeah just lately I’ve been feeling so guilty, nervous and sad about this. So here are my questions:

1. Is this normal for teenagers? To dirty talk online that is.
2. Is this a really big deal?
3. What worse things are there?
4. Could this affect my future? Or careers?
5. Could some of the guys track me down or something???
6. Is this illegal? (I always skipped the ones that were over 18, but of course I don’t know about the age because people can lie)
7. Can I get in some sort of trouble?
8. Does this make me a slut for the rest of my life?

Sorry for the bunch of questions, I’m just really nervous about this whole thing, and I’m depressed because this definetly ruined my innocence and I just feel dirty..

Well thanks for reading, please don’t judge me..I swear it’s all because of my hormones. I’m a good person :( And I’m not a slut, I haven’t even kissed a guy and I’ve never had a boyfriend..I get good grades and everything…But I just feel slutty because of this..Ugh :(

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Hey. for one, STOP BLAMING YOURSELF FOR YOUR CHOICES. You're your own person, and your choices are YOURS. no one else's. I used to go on omegle as well. It's perfectly normal, and if anything safer to talk dirty to a stranger. From what you're telling me, you protected yourself which is perfectly fine and smart. No one can track you down (it would be different if you were on video, then they could google search your image.) But from what you said, you should be perfectly safe.Now back to the real problem: YOU ARE NOT A FREAK NOR A SLUT. Hormones are hormones. A slut is a person who sleeps around with other people, guys or girls. (Let me just add I am not a slut shamer, and even if you did sleep with different people, IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE ITS YOUR BUSINESS, NOT ANYONE ELSES.) So don't worry, because you're not alone in this situation. I'm very sorry you lost your innocence, but you would've lost it some time. And be glad it was your choice you lost your innocence. You weren't forced in this situation, unlike many other people. So don't worry sweetheart, you're perfectly normal and you're not alone. If you need anything else or need to talk more, just message me, and I'll gladly be of help :-)
these thoughts are completely normal for a teenager. you do want to be careful online but i see nothing at all wrong with what you described to us.
Thanks Johnny. You've scared the shit out of me... But other than that thanks everyone else <3
Slut-shaming is definitely not the answer here, sex is a completely natural thing. Rabbits have sex like crazy, but that doesn't make them less adorable. Your worth is not determined by your sex life. You're a teenager. This is a completely normal thing, it's a hormone change that happens to almost everyone. I do recommend the following: 1. Do not post pictures of yourself online (at least while you are underage), and especially not to strangers. 2. Be safe; most of this is common sense but be wary of meeting up with people you don't know. But most importantly, if you begin to have sex, just make sure to educate yourself thoroughly about birth control methods, safe sex, and healthy relationships. You deserve to be treated right by your partners. Your body, your rules. Your safety matters more than anything. Best of luck!
While everybody is giving great tips on how to protect your identity online and ensure that you aren't doing things that will embarrass you down the road, there's one thing that seems to have been neglected and that's IP tracing. Every time you log into a website, your unique IP address (from your internet router in your house, or from your cable company) is logged. (Unless you are using a VPN but that's another topic). So in that sense, on a computer or laptop using Wifi, your identity is actually known to the website that you are using. If, for example, you were flirting with grown men and they were under surveillance by the FBI for child porn or something like that, then law enforcement could obtain your IP address. Another thing that used to be possible in private chat, I'm not sure if it still is today or not, but you could "ping" the person. That sends a package from their PC to yours to see if your ports are open, which is how viruses get in, but more than that, the ping also sends them back your IP address, which you can then query on "WHO IS" (wait, is that still what it's called?) I did this a long time ago to find out who this person was when I no longer believed they were telling me the truth. The result returned the name of the person, the company he worked for, city, state, and phone number.The other thing that comes to mind is that everything we type and transmit over the internet, gets stored on servers. And then on backup servers in some cases. The information is retained and while the owners of the website says that no personally identifiable information is shared with any of the users, it is actually stored, and as previously mentioned, accessible by law enforcement with a subpoena.You're welcome to do whatever you like online, but I for one, would be upset to learn I was having cybersex with a minor who lied about her age. It's not something that I would choose to do in real life and I wouldn't want to be lied to about it on the internet either just so that someone can have the attention they want, or to feel more grown up. While I do agree with some of the opinions expressed here, I also believe that teenagers should be getting real life experiences with people their own ages, and not putting themselves on anonymous chat sites where they have no idea who they're speaking with. Think about it, if you lied about you age, the other person probably did to and you could be sexting with someone's fat, old, grey-haired grandfather. Not that there's anything wrong with grandfathers in general, but let's face it, if you're 16 or under 16, would that really be something to turn you on in real life? This isn't designed to judge you, just to provide you with a little more information that you might not have considered. Oh and one last thing, I mentioned WiFi, but when you use your smart phone or tablet, it also can transmit your physical location, house address, etc. so my advice is if it's something that you wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with people you know then you probably shouldn't be doing it.
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first things first things first if you think this makes you a slut well your wrong but slightly right ill explain WE ARE WHAT WE CONSITSANTLY DO so continue this path yes your a slut don't continue it then you aren't SECOND everyone get hormones its part of growing up so yeah odds are at least the majority of people are in your boat or have gone too far to still be in your boat and in a "dirtier one" THIRD you SHOULD BE WORRIED if you haven't done this a few times by this age its pretty normal I mean your attracted to what you should be its in your DNA for crying out loud now for the numbered questions 1 most do this at some point 2 umm bad a little natural yes really bad Not in the least 3 a lot to save the general innocence pm me if you want to hear some of it 4 only if one of the people you talked to is friends with one of your future employers and they can some how determine it is you 5 yes but if all you told em was female 16 and in usa well lets just say that limits it to ohh proably 2 ish million yeah the odds are basically 0 and that's if they know how to stalk 6 maybe depends on what was said 7 depends on if your parents find out how much they care about this sorrta thing 8 Deinately yes :PP jk NO I dare say it makes you human your supposed to get urges anymore questions about this topic feel free to pm me