Is there hope for us?


My boyfriend and I have been together for six months now. this is the first serious relationship I’ve had, but he has had serious relationships in the past. or relationship has been great, even though we have our fights, and have both been through a lot, we’ve managed to remain committed and happy. Recently though we have felt a disconnect between us, and I feel unappreciated sometimes. I know that he is not a very openly carring person, but I still sometimes feel insecure and wish he would express interest in me more like he used to.

We have discussed these feelings, and actually talked about breaking up, because he worries that we are very different people and he feels like he can never be enough for me, he wants to do anything to guarantee that we can remain friends and be in each others lives, even if that means we can’t be together. We came to the conclusion that our differences mostly complement each others, and we want to fight for our relationship. I dont want to break up, because this is the first time I have actually loved someone and not wanted to be without them, but I worry that there is no other choice, I’m concerned I am making him unhappy.

we came to the conclusion that our disconnect may stem from the fact that we are both very depressed right now because we do not like the city we live in, the college we are attending, the places we are living, and are stressed about money and our futures. I have been feeling better lately about us, but I didn’t get to see him last night (which is unusual because we spend almost every night together) and am feeling anxious about my life and or relationship.

Is there anything to be worried about in our relationship or is this normal depression issues? I want to know how to break this system of causing issues in our relationship because I’m feeling insecure.
I want to know if this is unusual, or if I should chalk this up to depression and anxiety that is unrelated.
does anyone have any advice?

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The 6 month marker is a rough patch for most relationships, it's kind of that break over period. I think you guys can definitely work things out and make it last, just continue to be open about your feelings for him! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with stress and being unhappy about your current situation as far as where you live and college. Good luck, I hope everything works out!