Is there any other help for depression apart from the doctors?


I don’t like going to the doctors so I was wondering if there is any other help out there similar to that what anyone could tell me about it would be super helpful. I’ve already looked into hypnotherapy.
Any help would be great.

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Although depression can have a biological component there is also an undeniable internal emotional aspect. As somebody who has struggled with depression and also helped others who suffer from it I can say that determination is one of the most important factors. You seem to want become better and that is key. Finding people who understand and want to help or even people who just want to help id also important but in the end of the day you must be the motivating force behind your own change. That being said most other forms of therapy tend to make it easier to deal with but in the end of the day it is all on you. You have taken multiple steps towards self improvement so I believe that you can do it. If you ever need anyone to talk to PM me and I'll get back to you. But there are many other people here on Blahtherapy who also want to help. Remember that we are there for if you ever need it
Find a place like this were you can vent, find somthing that is a distracktion from what depresses you. I do allot of self help kinds of thing like this
I just came off antidepressants a few weeks ago, feeling so glad to be off them. I realised seeing the doctor and going on pills was wrong. That said, it did help me get over the hump and pull myself out of depression with exercise & good eating. Seeing your doctor might help, he could refer you to the right type of therapy. I tend to think depression is mainly caused from not being who you want to be.... Now I am out of a dead 3 year relationship, losing weight, got back into going to see bands (which has always been my fav thing to do but never got round to it!), and drinking less alcohol, the depression is going because I feel I'm doing what I like and I need. Maybe there's some changes you need to make to your life to help your happiness? Good luck x
You can look at seeing a therapist, either just to vent or for something like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), although a recommendation from the doctor can sometimes lower costs for that. Aside from that, I know that examination of diet can help with depression. A lot of people find in particular that upping intake of magnesium and omega 3 (SPECIFICALLY omega 3 - most people get too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3 which can cause issues) as well as B vitamins, particularly B-12 can help. Aside from that eating a varied balanced diet that either severely restricts or completely eliminates highly processed food and refined sugar helps a lot of people. Exercise is also known to be very beneficial to depression, although I know from experience that it can be hard to get motivated to exercise when severely depressed.