Is there a way to control my blush?


I blush in many social situations, even without being embarrassed or made to feel uncomfortable. Knowing I’m blushing makes me blush more, and it’s just this horrible cycle. People point it out to me all the time, and I don’t know how to stop it.
Has anyone had to deal with this, or something similar before? How do you manage it? Or, does anyone just have general advice for me? I’ve tried thinking of different things so I can’t concentrate on the blush but it just makes me lose track of the conversation, then get embarrassed for not paying attention.

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2 Answers

I have the same problem a lot, and I think it definitely goes hand-in-had with anxiety. This website has some tips that have helped me! ( ) I hope this helps somewhat!
This is called Erythrophobia and I have it too. I hate it!! I wish there was something that'll just make it go away. What sort of helps me is thinking about possible scenarios that may happen and anticipate how I would respond to them so when the time comes I am prepared and not get embarrassed. What triggers it more is when I'm not expecting something to happen. Like I'll blush just if I bump into someone I know at the supermarket or at school. It's so embarrassing cause sometimes I'll just walk away and seem rude when in reality I would love to talk to them but my anxiety won't allow it. I know how you feel and how horrible it is. Just try to stay positive and like I said, try to anticipate situations that make you blush so that you're not caught off guard.