Is there a Midway between friends and dating?


So there’s this guy who’s in another school and he texted me about a month ago and things have been nice we really clicked and one or two weeks into our conversation he told me he has a thing for me and at the time all I said was okay that’s fine and at that point we hadn’t even met each other in real life. We have mutual friends so I knew he was a good guy. We started talking on call and got super close and I’ve just been confused about my feelings I don’t know if I like him, he told me he wanted to be in a relationship but I said that at the moment I don’t want to be in one. I feel like being just friends with him just isn’t enough and I don’t want a relationship at least not now. He came to meet me and we kissed and I’m pretty sure friends don’t do that but since then we’ve been trying to decide what kind of relationship we have and I’m trying to sort out my feelings. I don’t know if I like him and I tend to close people off when they start getting close to me in a certain way if that makes sense, I don’t want a friends with benefits relationship cause I feel like that never works out so what do I do how do I sort this out?

Category: asked January 3, 2019

3 Answers

My only advice for you is that right now you might not know what choice to make, but as you & him continue along the path I think youse will consider being in a relationship because your bond has gotten stronger.
There is no rush here. Go with the flow, do what feels natural and easy. When you are feeling comfortable, have that conversation with him about what you want out of this. You'll reach a stage where you want to talk about this. Just remember, whatever the outcome, it is okay and you'll be able to deal with it with support around you and know when to talk when the time comes. Drop me a message if you want someone to vent to further, because these situations play on our minds so much sometimes.
My advice is that you guys keep talking and getting close to each other. Don't get pressured by him until you know for sure about what you want to do, and when you know, tell him officially. Don't forget to remind him that you're still thinking about it from time to time, since letting the topic just hang in the air can sometimes make things awkward, and he might think that you're not that interested in him. Good luck!