Is smoking weed really bad for you?


I always hear people saying how marijuana is bad for you and then I see these studies about how marijuana doesn’t affect you much and that you would need to smoke like a lot of joints to overdose. I myself don’t smoke but I just wanna know whay you all think. Is weed bad or is it not?

Category: asked November 16, 2013

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In my opinion, I think it is. I, myself, do not smoke but I don't judge anyone who does because well that's them. It has a lot of effects that people don't really acknowledge or even know of. Kids now-a-days will smoke anything as long as it makes them look cool in front of their friends. Back on topic, men who smoke marijuana have decreased serum testosterone levels, sperm count, and sperm motility. Weed is also physiologically addictive. People always say, "weed's a herb and it can't harm you"; uh weed affects your brain; Ex: Short-term memory, coordination, learning, problem solving. I wish people actually read up on things before they do them.
The problem with weed know a days is that the people who grow it could be selling you weed but it's laced with another drug like cocaine and other harmful stuff. I'm in a Level 200 Sociology class at my college and we had a speaker come in who was a former alcoholic and she did just about EVERY drug in the book, but then she got clean and is on the right track. She also talked about how weed has over 460 harmful chemicals in it. Everything "ForeignGoddess" said is indeed true.
I think it depends on the person. It's not harmful by itself, but some people, like with food, alcohol and sex, use it to escape from their problems, and spend their days stoned enabling their procrastination and irresponsibility. The satirical song "Because I got high" by Afroman is a good example of this. So in the end, if you are a "functional pothead", and get stuff done, are happy with your life, it's fine, while if you have a mountain of bills unpaid, a house that is a mess, and day after day you keep spending all your time getting stoned, and complain how you don't get anything done etc, well, weed is bad for you (I'm using an acquaintance as an example :( ).
You'd only get addicted to it the same way you could get addicted to Xbox or chocolate or something, it's not physically addictive. If you want to use it, use it. If you don't want to use it, don't use it.
Thanks you all ive actually learned quite a bit right now. I didnt intend to do it and I probably never will but I think its an interesting topic. Most of my friends smoke weed or have smoked and have told me to try it but I say no. Also I don't think ot leads to harder drugs. A guy I know who is very smart, someone asked him if he has smoked weed and he admitted to have done it but he didnt like it so he quit. Thanks again (:
Weed harms your body and makes your voice weird. In some this voice change is temporary, but in others it is permanent. If you don't want to sound like Li'l Wayne, don't do drugs. Don't do them anyways.