is shopping to releive stress or depression a bad thing?


Sometimes shopping helps me feel better when I’m depressed is it a bad habit to do? It actually helps me and makes me feel better about myself. Advice on what to do???? Is this a bad habit ? are there better ways to relief stress or depression?

asked December 27, 2014

3 Answers

It can definitely be a good method, provided you have adequate money to spend. A good method I use is online shopping; that way you can literally "window shop" for as long as you need to without having to talk to anyone or even have to drive anywhere. If I find something I like, I bookmark it and order it at a later date when I'm feeling better, that way I don't waste any money on impulse purchases. As far as "better ways" go, any way that you can find to cope that does not intrude or interrupt your day to day life or damage you or your relationships with others is a good way to cope.
If you dont have the money to do it then it is not a wise thing to do
as long as you spend what you have or else.. that will lead up to more depression if bills come!