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is she a fake friend or is it all in my head..


i met this friend about 8 years ago we didn’t talk that much we were neighbors. My family had move so i didn’t see her as much it was a what ever situation, anyway one day im walking and i see her stepmom and she tell me that my friend had surgery and that if i could go visit so so she wouldn’t be alone i when to her house Monday through Friday for about a mouth or so . when she got better i help her move to a room she was going to rent then i helped her move aging to an other place . the lady she moved in with was moving so i told her ill talk to my parents to see if they let you move in with us b this time a year had pass sins the surgery so she moves in with us its been 4 years and she still lives with us. so here were i don’t know what to think any more, about a mouth ago she when to Dominican republic for two weeks and comes back like omg i have a little sis the sis she is talking about is hers husband bother girl friend i was like what the F for a second cuz from what i recall she told me that she didn’t care about the girl and in just two week your not best friend but shes your sister i don’t know what to think any more …..

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I think it's normal for people to change their opinion about other people... For example... I used to hate some girls while i was in highschool, but it was all based on some immature opinions... When I actually got to know them and know who they actually were, their history, We became best friends. What I'm trying to say is, as some people stop being friends because life make it so, the contrary also happens. I hope i helped you to have a new perspective of what happened. Kiss and hug
Yeah i have a friend thats a bit like that. She used to be a good friend of mine but over the last year and half ive seen her lies. Just recently she told me about the time she went and visited her cousin. Apparently her cousin left home and suddenly got pregnant in a state somewhere in america, her dad was worried for her and asked who the father was. Apparently her cousin had a child with this person who turned out to be a woman who dressed as a man but the real father is this man woman's husband and that they actually live together ??? Which to me sounds a lil unbelievable. So other crazy tales my friend tells me has made me to loose my trust in her. She also kept my game i lent her and told me she had already given it back to me which she hadnt as another friend had found my game she had hidden from me and took photo evidence to send me, ive tried confronting her but she still denies it. While i was working for several weeks with no means of contact such as email or phone calls, she had been mean and talking bad things about one of our friends we have in common and because i was away, she put all the blame that it was me who was saying all these mean things. When i got home my friends who were being spoken bad about knew i was away and knew iwouldnt do or say such things. I was very confused wondering what was going on when i got home why there was this break in our friend circle but my friend who was the one being evil and blaming it all on me was acting all nice and friendly to my face not mentioning anything what she had been doing. So i no longer have trust in this person, all my friends in our circle know what shes been doing and no longer speak to her apart from 2 not including me, 1 of them tries and avoids her as much as possible because she was the one leaking what the naughty one was saying and who she was blaming things on, (me) my advise is slowly ween yourself with supposed friends who loose your trust because once they loose your trust they are no longer friends, arent they. Negative people arent good in your life and its best to keep loyal trusting people as your friends, thats what ive learned in my experience. You should be around like minded people who enjoy the things that you do and go out to have fun and be supportive when things get rough. :) i hope this helps, you can always talk to me if you want it off your chest *hugs*