Is sex okay when your 14?


I am 14 and my boyfriend is 14 also. We have been together for 2 years and I trust him with my life. He isn’t pressuring me into having sex but he has asked if I would like to. He said if I don’t want to it was fine and I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to. I sort of want to, and I feel ready. The only thing stopping me is my age. I feel like of I were 3 years older it wouldn’t be such a big deal. I just need someone else’s opinion.

Category: asked November 3, 2014

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Honestly, I think that 14 is too young. I was about that age when I first had sex and it wasn't worth it. Guys say a lot of things. You can be together with him before a long time, but he's still a kid and so are you. Sex is an adult thing and something really special. You want to do it with someone whose worth it. You both are still kids and your feelings for each other are quite likely to change.

Right now you may not think you'll regret it, but that may change in the future should your relationship go south.

There are also other things to consider,
Do you know how to prevent pregnancy?
What would you do if you actually did get pregnant? There is no 100% way to prevent a pregnancy.

How much do you really know about sex over all?
What is the rush to have sex?
Why are you even thinking about it at your age? You're young! Enjoy it!

What would you do if someone be it family, friends, or schoolmates found out?
Would you be okay with them knowing?
What about the judgmental looks that may come with it?
If others in your school find out, they may want you to have sex with them too. You may also have to deal with bullying and nasty names.

So there are just some things to consider.
Ok, I can't tell you one way or another, but I'll leave you some questions to consider. How much do you know about sex? Do you know enough to keep from getting pregnant? Are you going to look back on this and be ok with it? Another thing to consider is the social stigma. Would you be able to handle it if by some chance it came out and people judged you for having sex?

Sure, 14 is young, but if you can say "yes" to the above questions, and you feel ready for it, then you're good to go. The age limit for sex is more about maturity and responsibility than exact age anyway.
i mean i think 14 is a young age tbh, but its really up to you. if you're been together that long, then maybe it's okay? but i think you should just focus on each other's company and not sex, cuz you don't wanna be 14 and pregnant
I think that if you think you are ready they you can do what you like, if he respects you and are your choices, then you have got a great guy, but if your not entirely sure, talk to him about it and make sure you are both ready for this big part in your life, just make sure you wont regret it.
Hey! I'll tell you from personal experience sex is a very serious thing. I lost my virginity to a guy when I was 13. I had no clue what I was doing. He had just graduated high school, and I was just starting high school. I regret it so much. But I've grown since then. And I look back and I think about it, and it's nothing I can change.So forget about your age and what everyone else tells you: you are your own person, it is YOUR body, and you do with it what you please. But just make sure you are 100% ready. Don't feel rushed; but it seems to me like you have a partner who you can trust and who is not forceful, which is a great step.If you're 100% ready, and you're sure he is, and you want to, just be careful and know of the consequences that could come. If you have any questions or would like to talk, my inbox is always open. :-)
Well the general consensus around the world is that it isn't because the laws would be different if it was, but everyone grows up differently and laws would never be set to suit the lowest age of who's ready. Whatever you decide keep in mind a few things, there is little to lose in waiting vs rushing, you should be extra careful because ready for sex does not equate to ready for having a baby and no protection is 100% preventative, and if anything happened while you probably wouldn't get into too much trouble with the law, might he?
If you feel that you are ready, I think that you should go for it. But only if thats what you both really want. A rule to go by is if you're in a long term, monogamous relationship, you feel comfortable expressing your wants and concerns, and you have proper birth control/protection. I think it would be even better for you to talk to a parent or trusted adult/older sibling about it and considering the possible negative effects with them and think about it for a while. A while for you could be a week, a month, 6 months. Until you know that you are really ready, don't make any rash moves and keep in touch with your feelings towards the subject at all times. Good luck dear!
If you feel ready, then you are ready to try. Nature is that simple. Go watch some videos together; I recommend Laci Green on youtube; she is fantastic at sex advice, and she's entertaining.

Go slooooooooooow, go together, and go buy some condoms.
Well I lost my virginity at 14. Its kind of that age, 14, 15 where that stuff happens. Heres my two cents. It will get out that you did. He will brag. Its a fact of life. Thing is, its not that big a deal at 14 anymore. It depends on where youre from but 14 is a freshman in HS and 14 is when i first smoked, drank, had sex, made love, partied, everything. And i was kinda late compared to the people in my school. Live without regrets and enjoy life. As long as you dont get pregnant and you dont get upset if someone wants to talk smack if you are in a stuck up area then youre set.