Is my mom yelling at me, or does she just have a mean voice?


I dont see my mom very often because she works late and often comes home, puts my little brlother to bed, and goes to bed herself. I see her boyfriend more than i see her, and i really dont like him. When i do see her she always seems so upset and she tends to take it out on me. I just dont know if she is mad at me, if i did something or if she is mad about other things. She is so nice to my little brother, who is almost six, and lets him get away with anything he wants. But when i try to talk to her about my day she gets mad at everything i say or she ignores me. Im just not sure if its me or her? I really need her to be there for me because i have no idea where im going with my life right now.

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1 Answer

Sounds to me like you're not the problem, so I wouldn't too worry about that. Since your brother is quite young I'm not surprised that she treats him better than you. She might have more expectations because you are the older child and most likely expects you to be more independent. It seems to me like she might be going through a bit of a rough patch and something in her life right now is stressing her out. Maybe it's work or her relationship or she might just be unhappy with her current lifestyle. You could always try talking to her about it, see if everything is okay, but you also must remember that you are her child, not her friend or therapist. She shouldn't be relying on you to vent all her problems. As for not having her to support you in your life right now, I'm not sure if she is available at this moment in time. You might want to find a close friend or even a relative that you could try to lean on for support for now. Just try not to blame yourself for her actions because it will only put more stress on your life. If you feel completely stuck feel free to message me, I don't mind listening to you vent if need be.