Is my family cursed?


I only know my moms side, since her and my dad divorced when I was 5, so here we go..

I think my family is seriously cursed. NOBODY in this family ended up happy!!

My grandma got divorced,

My mom got divorced, twice, and later the love of her life (my step-dad) died last year, she has anxiety and so do I, AND she’s unemployed and is having money problems.

As far as I know about my real father, last time my grandma heard from him was last year, and it turns out he has been single and living alone ever since him and mom got divorced.

My uncle got divorced and was left with one kid who is now turning 20 and he has to go to the military and give up his cooking job for a year.

My brother is failing life, I think – he’s 25, still lives with me and mom, sure he has a decent job, but he dosen’t have a girlfriend, or an apartment, and I think he’s depressed. AND He smokes and drinks.

So now all I’ve ended up with is an unfinished house that my mom and my step-dad wanted to finish last year, almost no friends, and bad stuff keeps happening!

2 major bad things have happened this year as well! I lost my closest friend cause he threw me away like the garbage I am and I lost my innocence.

Ok I’ve lost 3 most precious things in 2 years! :( What is this? I wanna die.

Guys do you think I’m gonna end up failing as well? I’m really scared and sad about this.

For further information my family is from Russia, and a big country has many bad people and problems, and I’m not planning my future there, I’m a combo-breaker. But still – do you think it can be possible that my family is cursed with bad luck?

Oh and please do not tell me to study and all that because THAT.DOSENT.WORK. My mom was a genius in her class, she even went to math classes that were harder, and she was the best student, YET she ends up with this CRAP. So no, studying does not work!!!!!

I really don’t deserve to live, I should die as soon as possible..

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The only thing I can think of is that thing WILL get better. Maybe not right away, but it will eventually.As a christian I believe that god puts us through TONS of trials so that when we finally achieve happiness, when can actually be thankful for it, and enjoy it more. That's why we go through trials.At least that's my belief. The best thing to do is just hold on as long as you can. Good things come to those who wait. (And I know that for a fact. I've been in a bad situation for years as well)
Why does everyone have it better than me then?
You are not cursed! You have to find a goal in life or a general direction and fight for it, do your very best. It will get better, curses are not real, bad life decisions are. Trust yourself, your ambitions, your reason and your conscience.
There are no such things as curses because there is no such thing as magic; therefore your family can not be cursed.