Is it wrong to have to urge to cheat?


My boyfriend cheated on me and I just have the urge to get revenge. Just to sleep with one one else so he could feel like how I feel.

Category: asked April 28, 2015

6 Answers

You shouldn't cheat on him to get revenge--that's not healthy. It's only showing that you will stoop down to his level. Instead, try talking to him about it and come to an agreement if you two want to stay together or not. Ask him if there was anything that you did to make him feel the need to cheat. If there isn't a good enough reason (maybe if he felt like you weren't paying enough attention to him) then I would just leave because obviously he isn't ready or doesn't want to be in a stable relationship. If you two decide to stay together then it needs to be a healthy relationship. Cheating is never a good solution to anything.
That won't fix anything or make you feel any better. In fact that gives him the absolution of being able to say "Well you did it too!" If you really feel that way it's probably best to just end the relationship, rather than starting a cycle of hurting each other. Causing more pain will never fix pain.
It's one thing to find other people attractive while in a relationship. But wanting to actually cheat means you need to fix the relationship or bail out. I don't know your relationship to tell you which to do, but if I guy cheated on me, I'd be gone.
It is wrong
It's not healthy by any means but the urge is understandable. You want your boyfriend to feel the anguish that your felt over the injustice he inflicted on you. Your reaction is the most common and probably what anyone else would want to do but you certainly don't shouldn't act on it. You don't want to lower yourself to his pathetic level of cheating. I would break it off with the guy.
Okay so first of all, I believe, revenge is not the right thing to do. and I also believe that having the urge to cheat is very wrong. Okay, you guys really need to talk. You guys need to discuss this "cheating" and you need to tell him everthing you feel. That you felt hurt and betrayed. so he cheated, have you forgiven him? If so, Have you really forgiven him with all your heart? and if not, tell him. also, you have the right to know the main reason why he cheated on you. So I suggest you ask him why he cheated. I'm sure you love him so much, that's why you feel like cheating is a great idea. you know what they say," fight fire with fire. " But I don't believe in that saying, because , if he cheated? Then be smart enough not to do the "same mistake" he did. Instead,discuss it with him. Ask him why he did it. Then, listen to his explanations. in this point, i suggest you should trust your gut. If you think it's still worth a try, forgive him and give him another chance (only if he really deserves it) Now, if you think he has taken you for granted. Leave this reltionship now. You dont deserve to be betrayed and i believe you deserve someone better.Cheating is never a good thing to do. Because it shows how immature you are, because you're still not mature enough to be faithful and to commit yourself, and a relationship is not a game, so what's the point of cheating?I hope you dont do the same thing he did. And if this relationship, isn't making you happy , then leave, honey.