Is it wrong to fall in love with a character?


So i have a friend who’s an actor he’s been in some movies and i’ve watched one of his movies and i think i’m in love with his character in the movie. In that movie, he has perfect hair, better personality and just very different from the real him and obviously a guy that i’d have real feelings for. When I see him in real life, I dont even like attracted to him at all. But when i’m watching the movie, I fall in love with him even a little bit more. What do you think about that?

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3 Answers

It sounds normal enough to me. Even if his character doesn't technically exist off-screen, the fact that he's walking around on-screen makes him perfectly real enough to fall in love with. Basically, even though there's nothing wrong with it, I would just caution you about letting your love for his character overshadow your human relationships (but that's definitely on the extreme end of things).
Having feelings for someone not real is annoying as hell! I know, I lived that before. It's just unbareble and fake. It kinda ruined my life so I suggest try not to think about it.
like Nobody said, it makes a lot of sense that you would like a character and then see him in real life walking around. Just keep in mind he is not that character that you love.