Is it wrong to be picky about a job?


I’ve been working the same job for the past 2 years (my first job). I started my 2nd semester of college and they only allow me to work 15 hours a week at minimum wage. It wouldn’t be a bad job only if it wasn’t a 30 minute drive from home, and most of my money goes towards my car payment, gas, and school. I’m trying to look for another job but I’m really picky about where I work and my mom keeps telling me that I can’t afford to be picky if I ever want to save up enough money to pay off my car and school loans and move out of my childhood home. I applied to a few places but I haven’t heard anything back and I’m past the acceptable time for a follow up. I’m still looking or something but is it really wrong to be picky about where I apply to. I mean I’m desperate and all but it’s not like I don’t have a job at all. It’s not that I want a higher paying job or an easier one (and anyway you can’t get any easier than what I do now). I’m fine with getting paid minimum wage but I wish that they let me work more than 15 hours. I’d be good with 20 or 25 hours a week. And it’s more like I’m scared to get a job where I have to interact with customers constantly. I want a job like that because I know that it will help me open up more around people and not make me so shy but it’s also nerve wrecking.

Category: asked December 7, 2014

4 Answers

Be picky. Don't compromise on what matters to you. That's how you become happy in this life.
I was very picky about choosing a job too and waited for the right one. I was also in a financial place that allowed me to do that though. If I was truly desperate I would take the best offer and run with it without a second thought.
Well, if you really want to meet your goals like the things you mentioned above, then it is kind of a yes. Yes, meaning you shouldn't be picky with the jobs that can possibly help you with your financial needs.

I mean, I assume you are not introverted like me. I am a little bit picky with the jobs I apply for because I dont really take pride on my social skills. That's my problem to worry about. All the best to you!
It depends on what you are picky about. What kind of new job were you thinking of getting? What type of work/experience do you have already? Is there a job you can get that would benefit your future career?A lot of times, passively sending out resumes will not get you an answer. There's a lot of potential candidates employers get to choose form if you are using a job board of some sort. I've found that being aggressive with follow-up lands you an interview better than sending out resumes into a black hole. Especially if you don't have a lot of experience in the position you are applying for. At least you'll have the chance to impress them in person if you score an interview.Also having a good resume is key. Since you're in college, I'm assuming there is a career services center where they will go over your resume and help you edit it. You're paying a lot of money to attend school so you might as well use as many resources as you can from there.Honestly, I don't think 30 minutes to get to a job is bad enough to warrant a new job search. If you're desperate only because of the drive, then I'd keep what you have and keep job searching on the side. Since you did not specify what you are picky about, I can't tell you whether your finickiness is justified or not. But if you're just looking for an easy job with high pay; there's 500 other people that want the same thing.