Is It Wrong To Associate With Them?


For two years, I’ve been in hell partially because of this group of people in my school. Or more to say the “popular” group. They’re rude, bitchy, arrogant, idiotic and popular. They are also bullies. I’ve known the whole group for 4 years, the first year I’ve known them, they had been really good friends with me, but for two of those years, they’ve spread rumors, called me names, physically bullied me. Which also lead up to my self harming from stress from this and other things. Depression came with it. I had distanced myself from anyone and everyone. But this year, they’ve begun to accept me again and I must say that I’m not exactly happy about it. The trust we’d had before, the friendship we’d had before had maybe not had broken on their part, but for me it is completely destroyed.
And yet I continue to associate with them, currently in a positive way as we’re “friends”
But something’s off and it feels wrong to me.
But If I stop they will create hell again for me.

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2 Answers

Those girls are nothing but a bunch of snakes in the grass and they have already shown their true colors: they are not even loyal to their own group, if anybody becomes separated from the group for any reason, they can be ostracized and bullied into a psychological abyss.

That is the problem with school-age power cliques: they have no loyalty except to their individual selves and they will betray each other in a heartbeat. That is not friendship. Being "popular" is very simply not important, and the kind of popularity that is temporarily enjoyed in school immediately and forever goes away at the moment of graduation, because the popularity of teenagers is both superficial and shallow.
I know you probably wanna be a good person and try and believe that maybe these girls have changed, but I want you to know that ya gotta be your own person and don't associate with girls like this. Maybe as they get older and mature they'll change, but from my experience, very few people change and they continue to carry on the cliquey back stabbing attitude into their adult lives, bringing it to work with them and everything.Find a new friend or a group that you can really count on and just ignore these other girls. They'll just try and take advantage of you, but you'll find people that truly appreciate you, trust me. :)