Is it too soon to be with someone new?


So I just got out of a ldr with a guy that lasted about 8 months. He broke it off with me and I was pretty heart broken and I probably still am. This break up happened about 2 weeks ago but he kept giving me hope by still talking to me and saying he still cared for me. I finally broke off contact with him a couple of days ago and told him don’t contact me . Well then I started talking to this other guy and he came over and hung out and we watched some anime. It was nice , he’s a really nice guy. What I wanna know is am I making a mistake by seeing someone soon so after my break up ?

asked August 18, 2014

6 Answers

Whenever you feel the time is ready, it is all up to you and no one else can justify, all that matters is if YOU are ready. Make sure you aren't doing it because you want to snag a guy, make sure you are ready for another relationship and look at consequences and that the same might repeat again. When you date someone, look to see if you see the rest of your life with them, or the the rest of the week with them.
I can honestly say that the whole "too soon stigma" should be decided by you. If you are ready to move on from this person then you should! However, if you feel you haven't gotten your closure on your last relationship then just give it time and take it slow! I usually determine if I am ready for a relationship by how I am feeling. If I think of my ex or wish I'd get some contact from them. Then I'm not ready for anything. But if you're in a good state and you're cutting ties then just take things slow and enjoy this new person!
I agree with others. You should be the one to determine if you are ready to move on. However I think you should test yourself before determining that. After all you won't be sure of anything if you don't challenge yourself.

If you can stay single for at least 3 months without feeling depressed or lonely then you are ready to move on to another person

However if you are having problems coping with being alone then I think you should wait a little longer. You do not want to enter a relationship hungry for attention or affirmation. Since you just met this fellow, you have to be a little cautious.
No one on this earth can tell you if you are ready for another relationship or not. The only one that can determine that is you Annie. Ask yourself: Are you ready for another commitment? Am I emotionally ready for this? Why am I doing this? Am I doing it for the right reasons? What do I want to do with this new direction? Is this the type of direction I want?. Only you, Annie, can determine this.Always follow your heart but use your mind to ensure your heart's well being, whether its the right decision or not, you can only become stronger as a result as long as you learn from your actions Annie.
In truth it takes no time at all to get over one person and move onto the next. It may seem heartless but consider this. How long should it take to get over a loved one... not just a breakup but maybe even the death of a loved one? Should it take 4 years? 4 months? 4 weeks? 4 days? 4 hours? 4 minutes? Truth is no one can say how long it should take. Truth is... one day you wake up and realize you are over them. Since there is no per-determined time the whole process of getting over someone is solely dependent on you making up your mind that you are over them... you could do that on the instant.

It isn't noble or romantic to suffer over lost love any amount of time... true love would never want you to suffer at all.
its not about whether its too soon or not its about if it feels right or not.