Is it safe to ask a girl to cuddle with you?


I’ve known this girl for a while but we went on our first date about a week ago. I kissed her and I am really into her, I can tell she is into me because she will text me in the morning and throughout the day.
I have been trying to schedule a second date but she lives 1hr from me and her job doesn’t help much.
I really want to see her and I want to tell her how I feel, I don’t know if its the right thing though.
I want to tell her I would like to cuddle with her.

Category: Tags: asked November 23, 2014

4 Answers

It doesn't hurt, especially if you ask first. Most people can benefit from a cuddle, so unless she has serious personal space issues, or outwardly expresses a dislike toward cuddling. But if she let you kiss her, she'll probably let you cuddle her.
I wouldn't outright ask her to cuddle if I were you. Just kind of slowly go for it. Put your arm around her, bring her closer to you and go from there. If she tries to pull away or doesn't naturally lean into you then that's a sign she doesn't want to cuddle. If she let's you lead her, then she definitely wants you to keep doing what you're doing :)
Go for it but if she's not comfortable with it, don't get offended.
Maybe prime the well with a text..."Did I ever tell you one of my likes is staying in to watch a romantic movie and cuddling on the couch?" See how she reacts to that to gauge her willingness to cuddle with you, or anyone for that matter.