is it rude asking your brother in law to travel with him and his family?


so my older brother that is around 30+ years old is going to america LA in the summer with his family and i really wanna go with them cause my bother’s son and daughter are my age 18 and id have alot of fun with them i just know it! cause everytime we 3 go out we have a blast

so im kinda dying to go to LA with them in the summer but i dont know if my brother in law and his wife would feel comfortable with me cause i rarely talk to his wife all i say to her is hello and smile and thats just it im not really close with my brother in law im close with his son and daughter since we were kids

and i wanna go but i think its rude going with them in a family vacation, is it?

my dad said he’ll talk to him and ask him to cut me a ticket and make me a visa passport to go with them but i think its too much work and its gonna bother him doing all just for me, is it?

i dont know do you think i should ask? or just stay out of it and let them have there family vacation over there by them selfs?

Category: asked April 10, 2015

1 Answer

I think you're the only one who knows how close you actually are to this family. I don't think it's right that your father is talking to your brother about this. You are old enough to talk to the family yourself. You also need to realise that this is their family vacation and their wishes come first.
Do your cousins want you there? Or would they prefer to go alone? That is the most important question. You can casually mention to them that you wish you could go as well. If they invite you, great. If they don't, that's their decision and you need to respect it.
Even if they say that they would like you to come, you still need to talk to your brother about it. He and his wife are the ones who'll make the ultimate decision.
You absolutely need to have your finances in order for this trip, before you even start asking around about anything else. You can't expect your brother to finance your vacation and it's really not appropriate to ask him that. Also they shouldn't have any additional work because of you, if they do decide to take you with them. You'll need to be the one to prepare everything you need.