is it okay to not like it?


My boyfriend had started to talk about someone that i dont like because he has feelings for her and i dont know if like i dont know am i allowed to get mad or am i just overreacting. i honestly have no idea.

asked August 23, 2013

8 Answers

I think you definitely have the right to be mad. Not just because he's talking about someone you don't like, but about the fact that he's your boyfriend and he has feelings for someone else! I'm sorry you're going through this bullshit. :( I'm here if you need to talk more about it! xx
i think he is not your boyfriend....if i were you i would move on
i'd be mad about it depending on what he was saying about the person. and if he has feeling for someone else while you're dating thats not right to begin with
I've actually been in the exact same situation. He still liked his ex which we really didn't get along with. So I felt the same as you did. Don't worry, being mad is completely normal. I'd say you have a real talk with him and see how much he actually likes her and if it can threaten your relationship a lot. It suck though I hope he gets his head straight and hope you're alright <3
Being mad because he talk about someone you dont like is not a big deal but have feelings for other girl while he's in a relationship with you is just not worth it. Why dont you talk to him first? ask him to be honest with you and tell him whatever it is you wont get mad. Its better to hear it from him than someone else"If you have my boyfriend's attention you can have him because i want a guy that can keep his attention on me and only me"i found that quote on tumblr and it really helped me hoping that it doest the same to you. goodluck honey!
I had the same thing happen to me, and i didn't say anything, today i broke up with him. I think if you want things to work you should definitely show that it's made you mad.. Otherwise you'll end up where i am...
Oh come on people, is it rally wise to advice her to ruin her relationship when you don't even know to what extent he's bringing that 'other person' up in their talks? You don't even know why he's talking about that person and maybe that person is involved in a relationship and her boyfriend is just talking about her because he's admiring something she had done.
I think men/boys admire a woman who does not always feel threatened by other women. So please be artful about how you express your feelings about the situation. Wait and see until when he keeps doing that and when it starts to become a bit too much to take then slowly and gentle ask him what is making him talk about her so much. Don't go 'hey, why do you always bring her name up?' But rather: 'it seems like you really admire -insert name-, can you tell me why?' Don't jump to conclusions but don't allow yourself to be fooled.
I wish people would stop giving advice just based on 0.2 of the whole truth.Good luck!
To get right to the point in answering your question....Yes! its ok to get mad,they are your feeling.It just depends what you do what those feelings.Talk to him tell him how you feel and how you feel about him being your boy friend and your love for him etc and see if he is just having feelings as a friend for this girl as there is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex,or if its more than that.,then make up your mind what you want to do about the relationship. Good luck!