Is it okay to have a crush on someone you don’t even know?


I work at a grocery store as a cashier love my job. I’ve started have this crush and this guy who I guess is a vendor for the store. (He stocks beer that much I know. I just don’t know the technical term) He comes to the store throughout the week.
So i was just wondering is having a crush on someone that you know nothing about normal or just weird.

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3 Answers

It sounds like your crush for him is based upon his looks or on other little details you've noticed about him so far. It can happen to crush on someone without actually knowing someone. You can try to talk with him a little bit every now and then. Just bring up a casual conversation about the weather or something like that. Get to know him a little bit.
Yeah, it's normal, but you do need to accept that it's pretty much 100% physical. Doesn't mean there can't be more, just means that's all there is now.
It's alright, attracted towards a person is a normal thing. If you want like relationship or something then talk to him a couple of times and all and get to know him. Having crush on someone you don't know is fine cause, if I share my story then my first crush was on a TV series character lol which was absurd I mean not absurd but it was meaning less. So don't worry it's alright. :)