Is it okay to DON’T want help?


I have an eating disorder and my parents found out about it. They’re taking me to a psychologist and sometimes they ask me if I’m okay, and they think I’m recovering, even though they don’t really seem to believe that I actually have a problem, probably because I’m not thin or sick. The problem is that I don’t wanna recover. Not now, not ever. So I’m pretty much lying and making them believe that I’m letting it all behind, what’s easy because they believe it’s a phase.
I also have a problem with self-harm. Things are getting worse to the point when all I can think about/want to do is starve, purge and cut, again and again, all day long.
I hate my eating disorder, and I hate cutting, and I wish I could just be normal, but I don’t wanna get better. I don’t want help. Is this normal?

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It's very normal not to want help. You shouldn't lie to your parents about it. The only way you're going to get better is through honesty and open communication. Talk to them regularly about how you're feeling. Be accountable and tell them, honestly, when you're hurting yourself and how. If this has been going on for a while and you can't stop yourself, you may need professional help. The first step is being honest with your parents.
-10 are screaming for help, you just wont admit it....what you need is a kick in the pants ....seriously, get real , get help and be greatful you have parents who care and love you...not everuone has that your lucky....oh, and you think you have people fooled but what you really have is a ungreatful attitude ....wake up and stop the stupitity
Its not normal. If you hate doing it, then STOP it. Its only making you worse and worse, I dont believe that you dont want to help because you already asked for opinions. Eating disorders are not about being fat, thin or sick, Its about you not having the right meal in the right time and the right amount. If you eat to small you'll get olcer while eating to much might make you an obese. I used to be like you, I got eating disorders and ended up having olcer. Also I have problem with self harm, Im trying to solve it by thinking that its useless and does nothing to me but gives me pain and so on. What are you? You hate something yet you dont want to remove it. Try to help yourself or you'll end up regreting it.
It's completely okay to not want help.Tell your parents that you'd like to take control of your eating disorder rather than having it control you and go with whatever makes you feel the most right. If it gets even more dangerous than this, help may be necessary, but as long as you can stop yourself at a reasonable level, you should be fine.
Honestly, it sounds like you're in denial about it. There's no shame in needing help and I think you should take it before you end up developing issues later on in your life. I'll edit this because I sounded a bit condescending. If you feel as if you can deal with it yourself, help yourself. Just never feel afraid to ask for any help if you're overwhelmed. I wish you all the best with your health. <3
It is completely normal not to want help! What matters is knowing that you are sick and getting help, despite not wanting too. Things like having an eating disorder and wanting to cut are mental illnesses that against what some people believe, are not easy to stop (like smoking). If your parents aren't helping by constantly asking, then tell them what they COULD do instead (even if that something, is doing nothing). They're are doing what they think is best for you. Never be scared to ask for help. Message me if you need to talk and best of luck to you :)
Honestly it's not normal. There's no shame in needing help, it actually makes you stronger when you admit you need help to recover then if you continue to do what you're doing. But if you feel like you can do this on your own, than do it. But never be scared to ask for any help if you're worried. I wish you the best with yourself<3