Is it okay to date my ex’s roommate?


I broke up with my boyfriend about two weeks ago, and I’m happier now, but he took it pretty hard. We still run into each other a lot because of our numerous mutual friends. We figured we could be adults and not make it dramatic or awkward, but life threw a wrench into things. A mutual friend of ours caught wind of the recent change in relationship status, and he’s been blatantly flirting with me. I kinda had a crush on him even before dating the ex, I just didn’t realize he was interested or maybe he wasn’t then, whatever. But now he’s flirting hard and I have a crush on him. But him and the ex are going to be roommates this summer and while I broke up with the first guy, I really don’t like hurting him further and this is pretty much guaranteed to be awkward if I end up with his roommate. But I probably shouldn’t consider his feelings about my future relationships, and new guy is the one who started this flirtationship knowing full well he’d have to live with my ex.

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2 Answers

In a word.... No! I know this may sound harsh coming from a stranger, but you're here to ask for people's opinion's, so here is mine. I think it would be incredibly wrong and selfish to date your ex's roommate. Not only that, but if this new guy can treat his friend so awfully, what on earth makes you think he is worth dating? Call me a cynic, but I think in situations like this a dose of straight talk is worth a dozen platitudes. I also think that at a base level, you also think this, or you wouldn't ask for advice from others. Please don't be silly. Best of luck, TDZ
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