Is it okay to be pissed?!


So one of my best friends calls herself a “flirt”, everyone else calls her a whore. I have stood up for her for years, saying that she doesn’t realize she’s doing it and doesn’t mean to ruin relationships or lead guys on, it just happens. I’m a junior. I’ve been fighting for her since 7th grade. This year at my junior prom I got to take the guy of my dreams, even now I don’t understand why he asked me. But, even though she knew I liked him, she pulled him alone and whispered in his ear, “Get me alone later, and I’ll show you a good time.” I trust him because he is one of my best friends, he wouldn’t get anything out of lying about it, he had no opinion of her before hand. She said I’m over reacting by being really mad at her for trying to steal him, what do you think?

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2 Answers

yeah it's fine to be pissed because that's not okay but at the same time if she did that to you she's probably not a good friend and I wouldn't trust her as much
You have every right to be pissed! Trust is so important in a friendship, once that is lost, it can be almost impossible to gain it back again. Try talking to your friend about it, if she can't see where she went wrong, then she isn't a very good friend at all.