is it ok to have a fling?


i have a friend who is very sweet to me. but m 24. both of us are attracted to each other. am i too old for a fling? is it ok to have a fling?

Category: asked March 27, 2013

3 Answers

It is totally fine! you are never too old for that c:
There are not many scenarios where casual sex is bad. Contrary to popular prudish belief, it is both natural and good. Go nuts. So long as feelings aren't hurt, I don't see the harm.
I can tell you that in my book a fling is always good. But, the only one who's going to say it's okay for you is... well; you. No one knows you better. So, if you want a fling. Then have a fling. @red-sentinel - I don't see the harm either.