Is it normal to lose innocence at this age?


Hey, I’m a 13 year old girl (turning 14 in December) and I’m feeling super depressed at the moment…

Because maybe like 2-3 months ago my hormones went crazy and I started dirty talking to strangers on Omegle (through text only, I didn’t even give out anything personal, and I’ve never ever sent dirty pics..) and even before that, I was seduced by some guy (through text) that I met online and later we got to know eachother a little..But anyways…

I’m just feeling really depressed, and I feel like a freak right now..
Although this is funny because In the real world I haven’t even kissed anyone or had a boyfriend..

Can somebody please help make me feel better about this? I feel so dirty, and I know that I probably lost my whole innocence..Omg I’m about to cry when I write this..

Ok just a few questions:

What are other 13 year olds doing right now that is way worse than what I’ve done?

Is this abnormal?

Does this make me a freak or a slut? :(

Is this wrong or normal?

Thanks for reading..Please don’t be mean..I’m feeling so depressed right now.

R.I.P My innocence ~

(Edit: I’ve actually dirty talked to many strangers on omegle AND I’m even responsible for orgasms… :( I know I’m such a dirty person I just ugh..)

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About 2 to 3 months ago, you talked dirty to a stranger online. That's ok. Think about all the things you haven't done. Like you said, you've never had a boyfriend. Forgive me for being a bit graphic, but you've never kissed a boy, or made out with anyone, or touched a dick, or had sex. There's a ton of things you haven't tried. By any measure of the word, you've got plenty of innocence left.

Also, it doesn't really matter that you're 13. If you feel that you're ready, and you stay safe, there's no age restriction on losing your innocence, no matter how you define that word. (And from what you said before, you protected your privacy at all times and didn't give out more than your first name, so you're already ahead of a lot of 13-year-olds with safety.)

Honestly, you're good. Nobody here is going to call you a freak or a slut, both because it just isn't true (if talking dirty to someone makes you a slut, than 9/10 of the population myself included are sluts- you're not alone), and because those are just insults.
You're innocent but you wont see that until you're older. You're completely normal, when I was you're age 50% of the girls were doing similar things as you (if not more extreme) and the other 50% just weren't interested until they got older.Don't stress because when you're a bit older you'll wonder why you gave yourself such a hard time. Main thing is just stay safe over the internet, don't meet anyone of it or swap pictures.
im 16. and i went through a similar thing as you. i now have manic depression. (doesnt mean you have it! just wanna make that clear. manic depression and schitzophrenia run in my family) i did similar things on omegle and did up until my boyfriend (is stil my bf) asked me not to since im HIS. it doesnt make you a slut because youve never actually done anything, just like enjoying sex doesnt make you a slut. being a slut is when you have se with lots of people and dress and act that way. i lost my "innocence" when i was 12. and im not disgusting. the only person ive ever had sx with is my boyfriend. and hes the only whose ever even seen me naked. before him i had only kissed one other guy n it was a peck. im telling you this stuff because i was like that too. i would get depressed, (i used to cut) omegle was a "playground" for me. and im fine. peoplemight think thats too young, but there are also people who think 13 is too young to masturbate, and babies in the womb masturbate! some people think all of that stuff is gross but is really not. ill admit, i do still sometime feel gross about the stuff that went on in omegle chat rooms, but i learned alot about myself doing that. your not a freak i promise. can message me if you want to talk more about it if want.
I think everyone can agree that losing your virginity at a young age makes you regret it when your older and have finally found the right guy.. You regret it because every girl has always wanted their one true love to be their first.. And if your one true love you meet in 2017. By then you already have lost it and it might not feel as special..Losing your virginity is suppose to be special it isnt suppose to be a "omg! lets have sex that would be so cool!" moment.. or a "omg! u slept with jake the grade 12!"as much as it would seem fun to do that you always turn to regret
I didn't lose my virginity I haven't done any sexual physical activities O.o
Unnie, the point of being a teenager is to be hormonal. Most girls just got their first period last year. So they are still pretty new to the post-pubescent world. If I were you, I would stop with the dirty chats. Those can come and bite you in the butt. (If you want to understand why there is a book out there called "Want To Go Private?" I would recommend all teenage girls to read it.) But I do not think you've lost your innocence. I've seen an 11-year-old pregnant and strung out on drugs. There are girls younger than you losing their virginity at a young age. I would consider you a role model, since you haven't lost your virginity nor kissed anyone. That is not a bad thing either. I didn't get my first kiss until I was 15.
You are a bright young lady and I know you will go far. Just continue with your schooling and worry about that before you worry about anything else. I do not consider you a slut, nor do I think you have lost your innocence. I'm very proud of you for staying pure this long. Keep that head up girl! If you need to talk pm me. :)