Is it healthy


If 2 people are in a relationship and they see each other EVERYDAY and usually spend the entire day together, and talk constantly? And brings the other everywhere. Is it good for a relationship?

Category: asked July 26, 2013

3 Answers

A long-lasting relationship is one where the couple has their own identities besides being known as a 'couple.' Each should have his/her own social lives with their own friends and whatnot. I would imagine it would be hard to maintain being able to see someone everyday and not go crazy or something, because I know with my good friends sometimes I can't stand to see them a few days in a row. But that's just me. If you are able to work that way then good for you, no one can really tell you what's right or wrong in maintaining your relationship. But again, people need their own identities and friends aside from the person they are dating.
joines at the hip? eh, that will only last for a little while as you will rum out of things to talk about. relationships need mystery, each person brings something different to the realationship.....that does not happen when joined at the hip.
Thanks :) this wasn't my problem it was someone else