Is he over me??


So this guy I’ve kind of been seeing (he came on really strong to me and asked me a few times to go on a date with him) hasn’t texted me in a week. We never texted often before either, but just last week, I slept over at his house (all we did was make out) and I feel like it’s kind of weird that he hasn’t said anything. Do you think he’s over it or is this normal behaviour?

Category: Tags: asked December 9, 2013

2 Answers

I had a boyfriend that did this. I wouldnt talk to him for like days at a time and it was really awkward and just strange. lol I think that you should try talking to him for a few days in a row and then you can really tell if he is enjoying talking to you or if he is kindof 'blowing you off'. You will be able to tell the difference.
That happened to me too, apart for the reason he was seeing and texting other girls, (high five amy!) he wasn't sure if relationship was going to work, so he stopped talking to me to play safe. Whatever the reason it is, you need to talk to him and ask him about it in a casual way, and as kelly said, if he is no longer interested you will certainly feel the difference.