Is being truthful the most important quality to focus on having, you be a judge for me?


I have been thinking about how when I am talking to people in conversation, I can sometimes be quite deceitful without even meaning to. I think that all humans are guilty of this and I even just read an article that suggested we all lie approximately 7 times in any given day.

I think this is mad cos its not like we even just do it to impress strangers. We lie to our closest and most established friends. And I have also been thinking what constitutes a lie. Its like when someone makes the wrong assumption about something you’ve said and you just keep quiet and don’t inform them of the truth > which is something I commonly find <

I was wondering if being truthful is perhaps the most challenging thing that anybody can try to be, because sometimes it even means revealing parts of youself that you're not comfortable with. My own difficulty is knowing when others think that it would be more appropriate to tell a lie than the truth.

Thre trouble is that people rarely want to accept the truth or would sooner believe false information that the reality of it. Its kind of like to do with todays culture. Like how the media mass produces celebrities, but do we even know the real them? Or just the fakery of that person. I mean who many people today are really that authentic.

I think truthfullness is one of the most commendable things there is going. But some people might disagree with telling the truth in all situations because of the upset that it causes. I am at a loss with this…

I try to tell the truth but it backfires too often when like I say people believe what they want and it almost feels that humanity can be more geared towards constructing lies.

What do you think?

(this doc was hastily put together so apologies for the inconsistencies)

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I Kinda can't put your words into one... but if I were to say something about what I understood... there is a quotation... "there are things better left unsaid"... I believe in that... in telling something... you must know if you must tell it or not... the reason why people becomes upset whenever you tell them the truth is because of many reasons... maybe not interested or maybe "truth hurts" or even a subconscious thought "I shouldn't have know"... there's also a saying in where "its dangerous if you know too much" so we really will be upset..Lying... It is also a type of defense mechanism... you said awhile ago that you often lie but not intentionally at times... well this explains... its just like when someone would try to kill you... in some situations... you killed your attacker because of defense... and it is not intentionally... maybe that's all I can say for now... ^-^ hope I helped..
It's great to tell the truth, but as it is said at times the truth is something that shouldn't be used. Sometimes the truth can cause pain to others or could even destroy someone. People do tend to lie but that doesn't mean you know the real them. You can look into it and notice the lies at they form in people. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be 100% truthful. Telling the truth and speaking your mind is a great quality to have, but not something you should always do. As humans, we tell lies. We can't help it, but it's those that can see the lies that can understand a person more.
I sometimes find it feels better to know what feels right and good for someone else rather than be so focused on 'truth'.
Say your Mother was having a birthday and she kept on telling you she was 39 as opposed to the real 40. It makes her happy and you don't really care how old she is, because age is only a number. So fact/ truth in this case has no merit. But then when your friend reads one article about the 'trouble' with vaccine and decides to not vaccinate her child then keeping silent is not ok. You don't have to be righteous and convey 'truth' but merely responding with a questionable look while focusing her attention on all the medical and historical data on vaccines would be a 'hell yes' for me. (sorry, slight personal rant).
But yeah, one of the things that helps with the whole 'truth or not' conundrum is usually the result and consequences :-)
As an aside, I've found that sometimes its more important to think about our own responses to 'lies'. Sometimes we shrug it off when we shouldn't and sometimes we act self righteously against it when it's really not important.