Ironic I used to come on this site and talk and help people talking to them about being depressed and now I’m the one that needs a bit help. Excuse me for taking up a bit of your time.

So I did something very small and embrassing at dinner tonight and my dad just scolded at me like usual my mom just said it was nothing then my dad said she always takes my side then things escalated very quick name calling my dad said I was the cause of this and I’m the stupid awful son that caused this mess. We arrived at home cause we all drove our own cars as he walked to his room he said If I keep arguing with him he’s gonna throw me out the house. I understand he says these things cause he’s mad but I seriously can’t help but feel unloved. I know I’m a failure I didn’t go to a good college I’m not smart I suck at getting things done. I do things half way and forget about it. It’s gotten so bad I’m starting to think maybe my parents would be better off without me in this world. Please help I don’t know what to do. Thank you for your time

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I say, take his warning seriously. Start to plan moving out, to save for a few months of rent and bills (or to get a job,even a part time, if you don't have one), check out ads for roommates. Then, maybe it won't be necessary, maybe things will calm down, or maybe not, but you'll have a plan and some money saved. Ask your friends if they would let you crush at their places for a week while you look for a new place if you need to be out of your house abruptly. Experience what life is when you don't have to tiptoe around your dad before you just skip forward to suicide.
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