Investing means putting your money or other resources toward something you expect to earn income, turn a profit or create some other positive benefit. When you invest, you buy assets that you expect to increase in value over time, which can grow your amount of money.

Investing has become more common among Americans with the disappearance of pension plans in the private sector and a greater reliance on retirement accounts. For most Americans, investing means putting their money into the stock market.

More than half of all Americans – 58% – had money invested in the stock market in 2022, according to Gallup. Most stock investments are in mutual funds or retirement accounts such as an individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k), according to the Federal Reserve.

Stocks are the most common type of investing – as well as one of the simplest types – in the U.S. But investing in the stock market is only one type of investment.

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Many investors, having opened a brokerage account, do not know what to do next. However, in order to take the first steps, you do not need to have a diploma in finance. You can invest in different ways. For example, it is now popular to invest in cryptocurrency. If you have some money, you can hire specialists and they will help you create a good application based on cryptocurrency. How do you like this investment?