In your opinion, does cutting your hair symbolize anything?


Pas few days I’ve been feeling like I need a change and start anew, but I couldn’t figure out what I should do; then I thought about cutting my own hair. I feel like cutting my hair is like cutting out all the negatives in my life, letting go and moving on.I don’t really want to get it cut by a stylist cause I feel like it wouldn’t be as personal.

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5 Answers

I think cutting your hair does simbolize something. It's a fresh start and a great way for you to feel exited about something new in your life. I love the light feeling I get when cutting my hair.. which is not always so good because I just look horrible with short hair haha If you're deciding wheter to cut it or not just do it! you'll feel great after! :)
I've noticed that my hair is probably one of the most expressive things about one. One can generally tell someone's style, mood, a lot really from someone's hair. It's such an expressive thing, and I feel like that's a cool idea. Cutting one's own hair shows that they are in control of themselves and their life, and the change could also mean a new beginning. Many cancer patients going through Chemo choose to shave their own hair because it shows control and strength, and it could mean the same in any other situation as well. I say go for it.
It helped me be more myself when i cut my hair very short and it might help you too. I wasnt too confident cutting mine myself...but if you're sure, and feel essential, i guess you can do it too.
It doesn't symbolize so much to me, but that's important. If it means something to you, then it does for you. If you want a change and this feels like something good, then go for it.
I cut my hair to start a new. It just looks different so it matches your new feelings. That you have changed & so now change your hair. Go for it!