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So i am 1664$ in dept, thats 20000ZAR. This is getting to me and breaking me down bit by bit cause i struggle to pay this off.

At my current rate it would take me 12+months to pay the bills and its breaking me down each day.

What can i do for sideline job just to get extra money?? I have tried everything to no avail.

At the moment im so desperate just to do something like donations or something, where if everyone can just transfer 1$ into my paypal im sure it would help (I know this is wrong FYI)

Also, while i know some or all wont reply to this post cause there is possibilities of scamming, i can assure you its not….i can promise you this

Category: asked March 21, 2015

2 Answers

You could also look into things you could be able to sell from your stuff. Maybe you have things you don't use anymore. That could already be a start. I did this one time when I was poor and I also ended up selling my entire dvd collection that contained about 500 dvds. So something like that could already cover a bit of your debt. You could also look into doing a paper round. Or do things for people, like mowing their lawns and things like that. Every little bit can help you.
That dept is not as bad as it could be.. compared to college students. What jobs have you tried and what are you good at. Finding somthing your good at may help with finding the right job so that you can pay that off and 12 months doesnt sound as bad but of course everyone worries about money sometimes.