I’m wrong, right?


I’m 18, my boyfriend just turned 27. We’ve been in a relationship for a year and he has a 5 year old son with a B****. When we first got together, she tried to ruin our relationship but whatever that’s over with. Anyway, his son is 5 and he is like I want you to come to my moms (to his dad) and I get angry because HE’S 5!!! He knows THE SITUATION. He’s seen his mom with previous boyfriends so wtf is he saying that for? My boyfriend claims he doesn’t understand the situation. No, he’s not stupid. HE KNOWS BETTER. And then all he does is whine and cry like a little freaking brat. Every time he cries cause he doesn’t get something, guess what.. He ends up getting it. I’m wrong for feeling this way right? I know, I have to leave because it’s not right. BUT I LOVE THIS GUY. But every time I look at this kid I see his mother and then I just start feeling annoyed, then everything he does bothers me. Wtf.

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I'm going to be honest here, if you love this guy you have to make an effort. I don't think there's any point in getting annoyed at the child for wanting to see his mother because at the end of the day he's only a child that loves him mother. Have you spoken to your boyfriend about it?
If you want to be with the guy, you need to be civil to the child's mother and you need to make an effort to get along with both child and mother or else. Or you can just not go to the mother's house and give a little time for yourself to think if this relationship is for you.
If you feel like this isn't right, it probably isn't. From what you've said, you don't sound too ready or too keen.Best of luck! x
You need to understand that you're getting frustrated with a child who has no control over the situation he's in. A 5 year old isn't going to have a good grasp on his parents divorce because I'm sure that they haven't explained to him exactly what caused them to break up. This child behaves the way he's learned to behave from his parents. If he cries like a brat, it's because his parents give into his crying and he's learned that acting like a brat gets him what he wants. You shouldn't be frustrated with him, you should be frustrated with his parents. It's normal for a child his age to want to see his parents together, especially if he can remember a time that they were together. You shouldn't take his feelings personally, they're HIS feelings. It is difficult to understand how to love a child that isn't your own, and it sounds like you're not interested in loving this child. You're interested in his father, and if you want things to work between them you need to be more understanding of what this child is dealing with and learn to accept the fact that there's another family dynamic that you have to deal with. If you don't think that you can become more compassionate and understanding to this little boy, you need to move on. You could cause him serious psychological harm if you can't make him feel loved.
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If you love this guy, you'll accept those people around him that is important for him. Do something that will surely make his son love you. Don't give up :) Talk to your boyfriend, if he loves you, he will surely understand what you feel. Godbless xoxo